Seven times a night, is it possible?

Oct 4, 2018


Seven times a night, is it possible?

Viagra’s active ingredient is sildenafil, which improves penile congestion and is used to treat erectile dysfunction. Studies have shown that Viagra can lower the threshold of excitement, and the erection is firm and long-lasting, like the Teddy possession, even if it has already ejaculated, as long as the lust High, still can quickly erect. 80% of people who have used Viagra say that the ease, hardness and durability of the penile erection are uncontrollable.

People who do not have erectile dysfunction will be addicted to Viagra?

With the wide application of Viagra, many men with normal erectile function have joined the army of drugs, as if they are not convinced that Viagra is a virgin. For a healthy person with strong sexual desire, self-confidence can usually be able to show off in bed, but taking Viagra will make their confidence unprecedentedly high. The key is to set up a golden gun in the sex partner, once stopped With Viagra, the hardness and durability of the original shape, and a little distraction, it is easy to shoot in seconds. How does self-confidence suffer from this kind of blow, resulting in drug dependence. Medicine, this thing, still be cautious, do not try to die because of curiosity, especially single dogs, try to finish, the dog is walking around you.

Viagra is easy to buy at nightclubs, business-minded ladies, and even the sale of Viagra and the body, because it can offset the erection of ecstasy and cocaine drugs. However, many drugs also contain nitrates mixed with Viagra, which can cause a sharp drop in blood pressure, leading to shock, heart attack and even death.

What are the side effects of Viagra?

Any drug has side effects, and Viagra is no exception. Common side effects include thirst, flushing, dizziness, blurred vision, and blue vision (seeing things blue). And this side effect may last for a few days. In 2007, the US FDA notified pharmaceutical companies that Viagra’s instructions should inform the user of the risk of blindness and convulsions. Due to the possible side effects of Viagra, the US Air Traffic Control Agency prohibits pilots from flying within 24 hours of serving Viagra. (Friend, have you heard of the juicer?)

In rare cases, Viagra causes an abnormal erection of the penis: the penis continues to have a painful erection for more than 4 hours without being weak. Abnormal erection can not be treated in time, it will damage the cavernosal smooth muscle of the penis, causing irreversible erectile dysfunction. This condition is extremely rare and occurs mostly in men with urethritis.


British medical research shows that after taking Viagra, the sperm in the body will become more active. The young people will exhaust their energy early due to over-activity. Even if they barely reach the vicinity of the egg, they will not be able to insert the egg. It can be seen that taking Viagra’s sperm lost to the starting line, the probability of a man becoming a father plummeted. No longer have to worry about his wife getting pregnant. (It’s still necessary to bring a set, hundreds of millions of squats, always have good physical strength.

No sexual desire, is it useful to take Viagra?

Viagra is not an aphrodisiac. Can not cause sexual desire, it is only after your sexual impulses, make your erection more textured. It can make you a pillar, but it can’t make you want to burn. If your sex is dull, unhappy, and you are planning to become a monk, then you will not be able to evoke a younger brother who wants to hibernate. Loss of libido, Viagra can not save you. So cherish every erect erection.

Viagra, also known as Sildenafil, was produced by Pfizer Inc. and introduced to China in 2000. It is the leader in the therapeutic market for impotence, but because of the complex drug reaction, it needs to be prescribed under the guidance of a doctor, so Viagra has always been a prescription drug. Other Bobo drugs such as Jin Ge and Xia Li (the main circulating drugs in the Chinese market) are also prescription drugs.

Then the Viagra drugs sold in pharmacies and sex shops, such as India Gangge, Sharpshooter, Ant Force, Lige, what do you buy in the sex goods store in any urban-rural junction? The combination of impurities + a small amount of sildenafil (Viagra) can cost less than one dollar and can be sold to hundreds. The composition is unknown, the content of sildenafil is unknown, and the side effects are large. They come from small workshops across China and even fake medicine production bases on the border. It is not surprising to eat the pigment (will it become Avatar if it eats more?). Good luck is just to eat impurities containing starch, bricks, pigments, or placenta. If you are not lucky, you can catch up with Viagra because of intermittent erectile dysfunction.