The Great Men’s Revolution

Oct 2, 2018


The Great Men’s Revolution

Viagra is available today without prescription

Britain has become the first country in the world to be able to buy the world’s best known cure for the erection of Viagra. American pharmaceutical company Pfizer has announced that after a public consultation, it has obtained permission from the UK drug regulator to sell a Viagra erection product on the UK market.

According to British doctors, over 4 million men have erectile dysfunction problems, and the topic is very much discussed in recent days, especially on social networks. They mainly mention the risks of use. The pack of four pieces should be £ 19.99.

Twenty years ago, on March 27, 1998, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the first pill to return the masters to their masters. A year later – January 29, 1999 – a miracle named Viagra, invented by the American pharmaceutical group Pfizer, was also brought to the counters of Czech pharmacies.

One of the “fathers” of Viagra was American pharmacologist Robert Furchgott. To clarify the role of nitric oxide in the human body, he and Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine received in 1998 with two other scientists. Furchgott’s discoveries opened the way to further research that led to the formation of a pill against impotence. Viagra works just like nitric oxide, which releases penis tissue when excited. This will decrease the tension in the blood vessels. You are then filled with blood, which causes an erection.

The blue pill advertised by former US presidential candidate Bob Dole or the famous Brazilian footballer Pelé has actually emerged as a byproduct. Sildenafil citrate, as it is called viagry, was originally supposed to help with high blood pressure or angina pectoris. During the testing, however, scientists have found that it has a beneficial effect on men suffering from erectile dysfunction. And there is little, statistics show that over 40 years of age these problems are harms for up to 40 percent of men.

Already in the first year of sale of a blue miracle, Pfizer has only earned billions in revenue in the United States. Worldwide sales of Viagra peaked at the most in 2012, when the drug was sold for over $ 2 billion. The high demand for Viagra also caused its price to rise. In 2017, the price of the pill climbed up to $ 70 (over $ 2,000) in a hundred-milligram version.

Viagra Side Effects

Most men take Viagra for the first time. If that does not happen, you do not have to hang your head, just try again the next day. Otherwise, a healthy person can take Viagra every day. In order to speed up an effect that usually occurs within an hour and requires sexual stimulation, it is advisable not to drink alcohol or eat fatty foods. The effect of a “miracle pill” ideally lasts for up to four hours. Sometimes mistakes are made by beginners, who are eager to take another tablet from an inadequate take-off. But they can cause serious problems.

The use of the most famous drug for strength is certainly not without risk. People who take some medication to the heart can Viagra even cause death and should therefore always be prescribed by a doctor. However, according to experts, it is not a pill but a sexual activity itself, because men with an erection disorder often have heart problems as well. For heart problems, some people take nitrates, such as nitroglycerin, which may not be taken with Viagra.

However, Viagra is more versatile than it might seem at first sight. It is used in the prevention and treatment of lung edema, it is tested in patients after stroke, which could help to improve momentum, and Argentine scientists have found that it helps to overcome the problems associated with band disease, which occurs when overcoming several time zones.

Viagra is the most well-known, but certainly not the only remedy that men with erection problems can use today. Five years later, cialis or levitra appeared on the market, offering the same effect, though with another active ingredient. In 2013, Viagra lost its patent protection in the European Union, last patent expired in the US last year. Pharmaceutical companies can sell non-branded copies of the blue pill at less than a tenth of the price. Viagra is available in a variety of companies including, for example, a person, whose pill is up to three times cheaper than the original. Pfizer itself has also begun selling cheaper, white generics at the end of last year. From 2018 Viagra can be bought in the UK as the first country in the world without a recipe.

In October 2015, Sprout Pharmaceuticals in the US started selling the first drug against women’s low sexual desire. However, the drug called Addyi, nicknamed female viagra, according to studies, has only increased the sexual desire of a small number of women and did not become a sales shooter.